House fun: Dryer vent

House fun: Dryer vent

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My dryer takes too long to dry (more than its max setting), and the automatic mode doesn't work. So I looked into ducting. I quickly discovered that the best you can do is rigid metal ducting direct from the dryer to the wall, and the worst you can do is thin flammable vinyl ducting with a substantial detour trapping lint.

My ducting was about as bad as it could be while still getting air out of the house. Amazingly, it wasn't actually clogged.

One end of the duct was just stuffed into the dryer outlet. I shortened it and attached it thoroughly to both ends with duct tape. I'll be looking into the rigid stuff. Unfortunately, I doubt this will actually make my dryer work better.
  • duct tape for ducts? wow ;)

    seriously, the guy who invented dryer hoses is right up there with the dude that invented the way modern toilets fit into the floor. asshattery!

    i've seen some pretty good dryer hose kits around, "set and forget". don't forget to buy an anti critter trap for the outside too.

    some folx i've seen in small apartments just vent the dryer INTO the apt, with a couple panty hose over the dryer hose to trap lint, but they keep the warm moist air inside. free heat.

  • When you run the dryer, are the clothes warm, even if they're still wet? If not, it may the heating element that's broken...
    The heating element can be changed by any Joe Schmoe, though you have to be willing to get your hands a little dirty... You just have to find a place that sells them... If you can find a place that sells parts, then you're golden...
    Otherwise you can pay someone to do it for you, and it will probably cost you, maybe $100?
    The element itself probably costs $20.

    It's also possible that it's the thermostat (but the element is more likely)... A thermostat will probably cost about $30 and just screws/plugs in... It's a very simple fix... But the thermostat going can also cause the heating element to burn out...
    • Yes, it makes stuff warm. I'll try to look into the thermostat, thanks.
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