Fancy new flashlight with free batteries for life for $67.13.

Fancy new flashlight with free batteries for life for $67.13.

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I just bought a NightCore D10, which runs on dead AA batteries. Very brightly. Appears to maintain it's 130 lumen max (and has two dimmer levels).

So please give me your dead AA batteries.

Because it has voltage management circuitry to maintain brightness as voltage drops, which happens to make it work on batteries that are drained enough that other stuff won't work on them.

I believe this is very common in modern LED flashlights, some of which are much cheaper.

Also, way better than the CR123A batteries that my old fancy flashlight used, which can cost $2 each (it used 2), so I never wanted to use it.

And thanks to [info]perspicuity for the flashlight obsessed input I needed to make my selection.
  • bwa hah hah.

    there is a slight danger is sucking batteries 100% dead dead dead until the light literally won't turn on anymore.

    one of the boost circuits i have in some of my lights, won't actually stop (cut off), and i've had AA *pop*. it's vital to then clean the flashlight's interior at that point.

    otherwise, yes, it's rocking. AAs that fail in many applications, esp regular flashlights, will runs for weeks in a properly regulated LED flashlight :>


  • Still need batteries?

    I brought in a couple dead AAs, if you aren't totally drowning in them now.
    • Re: Still need batteries?

      Yep, thanks.

      I'll try to come find you at some point.
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