I get to have a new computer!

I get to have a new computer!

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Because my old one said "BIOS ROM Checksum Error".

After failing Memtest (Ubuntu CD boot option).

After replacing the power supply.

This computer was always running on a UPS.

I guess it's about time. I built this computer four years ago.

One of the neat things is that after that BIOS error, instead of giving up, it tried to read a new ROM from my CDROM.

It'll be funny if I lost both my main hard drive and my backup hard drive. Mostly because the computer I'm using now was intended to only host the backup hard drive, preferably in somebody else's house, for exactly this kind of reason.

So yeah, if things on multiple breakers in your house flicker simultaneously, get somebody to look at it.

Anybody want to let me keep a computer at their house, and use some bandwidth at night for backups? Perhaps in return for providing backups of your data on the same computer?
  • what kind of system are you looking to build next? what are you going to do to fix your breaker problem (if anything can be done)?

    My current computer is a gateway i bought about a year ago. Its great, but I need a sound card with Digital Optical Out so i can output sound through my home theater.
    • http://www.chaosreigns.com/dancer/

      That details what my system was, and why. I've added at the top the four items I'm currently planning to buy. I have not been able to determine if my hard drives need to be replaced.

      The electrical problem was fixed for $3,500. I posted about it recently.

      I prefer coax over optical because I've heard optical induces more latency in the conversion to and from light, and coax is less fragile. I've used it in the past, and just made sure the motherboard I'm looking at has the digital coax audio output.
      • where do you read this stuff????

        what does a coax connector look like?
        • Where do I read what stuff? That coax is better than fiber? I don't know, too much time reading the internet? When I built my last computer I spent quite a lot of time reading the search results for "HTPC" (home theater PC) - you might want to try.

          And the facts that optical takes more time and is more fragile seem kind of obvious after the fact. Coax is just electricity, like the rest of the computer internals, so it can just drop it on the wire. Fiber requires conversion at both ends. And... that fiber is more fragile is definitely obvious.

          And this speaking as a person who really wanted to do optical just because it's awesome and he had the hardware.

          Coax is entirely compatible with RCA connectors. In fact, I was using one of the three RCA connectors in my Component Video cable for it. You know those round unthreaded connectors with red and white plastic for left and right, and sometimes I think yellow for video? Look for one in orange for digital audio.
        • Image of motherboard I'm looking at.

          First on the left is a stack of a pair of PS2 connectors.
          Second on the left is a pair of USB connectors.
          Third is a pair of digital audio output connectors - orange coax on top, optical on the bottom.

          Let me know if that link doesn't work, it's pretty horrid.
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