Electric is fixed, for $3,500.

Electric is fixed, for $3,500.

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The end of the neutral cable connecting the meter to the panel was gone at the meter end. All black (aluminum). Rainwater was flowing right on it probably since it was installed. Everything in its vicinity was replaced. I have all my lights on and nothing is flickering, for the first time ever.

My (gas) heaters got fried though. I'm hoping to not need to completely replace them, but the electronics are probably gone.

The problem was fixed quickly, thoroughly, and well. I'm not sure if I should have gone with a cheap quick fix and done more of the work myself. But at least now it's off my list.

Thanks very much to Dan NoƩ for correctly diagnosing the problem and convincing me of its severity, and [info]mangosteen for convincing me to use Angie's List (once I gave up on the first electrician I tried).
  • Wow that's a chunk of change

    Is it all coming out of your pocket? Regis, who has done a lot of serious electrical and home work herself has been known to tell me "Dude, the tool you want to use to fix that problem is your checkbook."

    (Also, how do you know Dan?)
    • Re: Wow that's a chunk of change

      Yes, all out of my pocket.

      After this post I emailed Dan after this post and asked him the same question :)
      Apparently I got added to his RSS feed when I was dating [info]nchanter, who he knows.
  • Wow. That's awesome that it's fixed, but it sucks that it cost $3,500. Interestingly enough, the hall/stairway lights in my house flicker, regardless of whether the fixtures have incandescent or compact flourescent bulbs. I wonder if it's a similar problem. (To be clear, I've never had any issues with anything else in the house.)

    It also sucks about the electronics. You should look into filing a claim on your homeowner's insurance for the cost of the electrical work and the replacement electronics.

    • That doesn't sound anything like my problem. Everything was house wide.
    • I recommend at least calling an electrician about that flickering. Because it's easy to imagine it being caused by things that cause houses to burn down. And because I wish I had gotten an electrician out sooner.
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