Electric won't go.

Electric won't go.

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Any theories on why an open neutral would be consistently more problematic at night?

Fortunately at this point this is mostly amusing.

9 days ago I first called Jolt Electric and left a voicemail on their emergency line. I called them a couple times since then. I still haven't gotten them out.

Last night was the second time I had to leave a light on to keep my heater running (alternate electrical path since the neutral won't go).

Last night the heat stopped working at all.

Last night my phone also decided to stop working at all, even with the assistance of my fully charged UPS. (I've been meaning to buy a new battery for it.)

Today I discovered there are still pay phones. One at the fire station very close to my house - about 6 different times told me the number could not be reached as dialed (connected fine from work). Another by a McDonalds about a mile away that wouldn't take my money.

Now I call Jolt Electric one last time then hit Angie's List.

Update: Jolt Electric thought they called me late last week to say they couldn't come out, and apologized. Because they're so backed up.
  • call "the electric company". it's Winter, and it should qualify as an emergency response?

    as for the night thing, it's been in the low 20s, colder at night, so if the wires are fried outside, they're more likely to contract/shift due to cold/moisture?

    if you get a private electrician out, probably is a good time to ask about getting a house surge protector *AND* a transfer switch installed for when you want to use a generator (if you don't have one now).


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  • Sounds like it's time to try other electricians... There should be a phone book full of 'em... Pick a few at random, do some research for reviews, then call 2-3 and see which one can come out...
  • Cables shrink when cold. This puts stress on connection points and usually results in opens. When the day hits they warm up and lengthen thus reconnecting. When I run into this scenario I look for connectors and check crimps as well as any screw lugs.
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