Anybody have a multimeter I could borrow?

Anybody have a multimeter I could borrow?

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I'd like to determine wheither my electrical problems are in my house or from the street.

And I have nothing better to do until Monday morning than to pick one up frome somebody.

Hints on where to find mine would also be appreciated. Little, yellow, grey plastic case.

If I don't get a better offer by the time stores open, I'll have to buy my own, and I'm interestd in recommendations. Mybe a fluke 115? My house does need to be rewired...
  • it's in your car trunk?

    dunno. i have a stupid basic one, may or may not be adequate. also have a 3 prong thing you plug in that says "okay!" or "suck" - target and walmart sell those for like $3.

    always a good time to play "which outlet is connected to this breaker game" with walkie talkies/phones or thumping or something.

    • Mine was only $20, and radioshack.com says it's rated for 500 volts, which I am convinced means it will work fine, so I expect yours would as well. And of course I'd be willing to replace it if I turned out wrong.
      • if it's cheaper than gas, i'm led to believe that home despot is open tomorrow for various hours, and of course friday too.

        afk for a couple hours though, biab.

    • I did check my trunk pretty thoroughly. Good guess though.
  • I have a few and you are welcome to borrow one. If you are buying I am reasonably happy with this model.....its the one i've been buying for the last couple of years.......


    ping me if you want more detail on its pros/cons
    • Thanks. When would be good to pick it up?

      Having looked into options some, I'm having difficulty deciding if I should just pick up a better one than I had to have around.

      Unfortunately I'm a bit of a brand whore, so if I buy one it's likely to be a Fluke.
  • If you don't have one, just buy one. You don't need anything fancy. 500v is way plenty.

    Having a multimeter is really really useful for a lot of bike stuff too.

    Seriously, you can get a perfectly fine one for $3 on eBay, or a cheap one at Radio Shack is fine.

    "better" ones will be more sturdy, handle other things besides volts and resistance and amps, have larger amp capacity, better display, auto-off, better interface, etc.

    But really, a cheap one will be just fine for anything you're likely to do. Don't waste money on something fancy.
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