Electrical update.

Electrical update.

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I left the breaker with the weird buzzing off.

This morning the filter for my fish tank was not running. Turned out that the APC surge protector that it was plugged into was blown - soot around the socket it was plugged into, and on the prongs. Plugged the filter directly into the wall and it worked.

UPS was fully drained again, and unwilling to use wall power, and reading 89 volts input.

  • Yikes!

    I'd put this electrical project much higher on your priority list. "soot" is "bad" where "bad" means "don't cross the streams."

    Seriously, if an electrical appliance is making noise that shouldn't, it's bad. That's a short, or a weak connection. Both of those generate heat and sparks and other stuff that can turn "houses" into "not houses" by way of fire.

    Don't fuck around with this, seriously.

  • you may also check with an electrical meter to see if you are having voltage fluctuations coming from the street.
    • Thanks, I've been wondering how to do that.
      • er... you know how to use a multimeter, right? If the answer isn't, "duh, of course!", then maybe invite friends over who are zots clueful, or hire a professional.

        If you're wondering where to measure, I'd just turn off the main breaker and measure across the mega huge wires in the circuit box. There's no point in measuring *at* the meter unless you suspect there's something wrong with the wires between it and your circuit panel.
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