Scary electrical wiring.

Scary electrical wiring.

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I knew the electrical wiring in my house was sketchy before I bought it. The inspector said the wiring from the breaker box was under gauge. Something would come on, and stuff would flicker on the other side of the house.

It makes UPSes grumpy. This morning my computer and new UPS was off, as in completely drained I guess. First time with this UPS.

When I got to poke at it more this evening, I noticed that, with everything else in the house off, the UPS was refusing to use wall power, and saying it was getting 145 volts. Up to 150. I noticed a weird buzzing elsewhere in the house, and tracked it down further. Very basic ceiling light fixture in a closet. When I turned the light on, the buzzing diminished. I found the breaker for it, and flipped it off. UPS said input came down to 107 volts, and was wiling to use it again.

Ick. Looks like my computer needs a new power supply.
  • Holy crap man... *all* those numbers are wrong!

    If it were me (and it was, when I bought my house) I'd start replacing circuits wholesale.

    Don't bother repairing or tracing old ones, just run new wires.

  • same thing happened at my girlfriends house and they had to replace everything.
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