One week off sugar.

One week off sugar.

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I'm still very exited about this, and I think I can keep it up.

I'm currently eating a couple fresh sweet potatoes that I boiled for roughly an hour. Nothing else.

This morning I cooked a pile of chicken by throwing it into a pan, waiting for it to get crispy, flipping it, and waiting for it to get done. I still need to work on the options of adding water and a lid. Only the one ingredient.

A bunch of my meals have been a large can of chicken, drained, with the heads of a thing of fresh broccoli, mixed and microwaved for three minutes, followed by a sliced apple.

I'm sure a couple weeks ago this would have sounded gross to me, and not worth living through. It's nice how quickly taste recovers when you stop eating garbage - this stuff tastes great.
  • I think the taste thing might sort of depend on the person. I eat considerably more fast food than I should (and, coincidentally, just recently decided I was going to stop eating all forms of it) and I still think everything you listed tastes good. Hell, I think rice cakes taste good, and just about everyone else I know thinks they resemble cardboard in both taste and texture.

    So I think it depends partially on the person. I ate about as healthy as possible as a kid (as I was forced to by my parents) and thought everything tasted good then as well. The way I perceived the taste of food never really changed. It possible once I filter all the crap out of my body, things might start tasting even better. I guess I'll know soon enough.
  • Apart from refined sugars... what 'garbage' were you eating?
    • All of it? For a while my diet consisted largely of circus peanuts (sugar). Lots of chocolate. Lots of mountain dew. Any other candy I came across.... The healthiest thing I was eating was a pile of teriyaki (sugar) chicken with white rice. Hardly drank any water.
  • When I was eating an Asian diet for science (notable for being entirely without refined sugar and almost entirely without beef or dairy) I discovered subtleties of flavor that I had never experienced before. I would probably have continued to eat in that fashion afterward if it wasn't really clear I was failing to get enough nourishment from that diet.
  • "It's nice how quickly taste recovers when you stop eating garbage - this stuff tastes great."

    Hear, hear. :)
  • Dunno if this fits within your diet

    One of my favorite ways to decorate a sweet potato is with some kind of medium-hot salsa.
    • Sugar and associated evils.

      Darxus, I've suffered from an extremely similar problem with sugar and food in general. It is extraordinarily hard to break, although I'm also working on a parallel path to your own out here in California.

      The things which I'm doing include:

      * Crossfitting: www.crossfit.com (There is an awesome Crossfit gym in Boston. I know you were doing some Olympic-style weight-lifting before, and this incorporates that but also includes elements of cardiovascular exercise and gymnastics. It scales very well to where ever you're at, and it's designed around results while remaining pretty affordable.)

      * Paleo-Zone diet: http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/cfjissue21_May04.pdf -- (I recommend getting a subscription to journal.crossfit.com, it's $25/year.)

      * Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu: This is very similar to Crossfit in its full-body workoutedness. I am working up to being able to do both this and Crossfit regularly.

      * Reducing or removing: Sugar, corn, potato, rice, pasta (in that order.)

      I've been eating a lot of eggs, chicken/apple sausage, chicken, fresh vegetables including (peas, asparagus, broccoli/cauliflower, radishes, etc.,) and myoplex shakes (to try to dull my hunger in the early evening for sugar,) whole milk, yogurt, hummus, and lentils .

      The Crossfit Journal has a very interesting series of video lectures by Dr. Barry Sears (author of the Zone diet) which talks about inflammation, controlling it through reduced insulin production, and the use of judicious amounts of fish oil. (Between 2-4g a day for myself.) Actually, that's all you really need to know. The paleo-zone diet + fish oil is his theory on reducing inflammation which causes us to hold onto toxic fats.

      Keep up the great work! It's fucking hard. Seriously.
      • Re: Sugar and associated evils.

        Thanks for the info. I'm actually having a pretty easy time of it. I attribute that mostly to serious terror of continuing my addiction. And also to completely cutting out anything that could be similar enough to the refined garbage that it might trigger uncontrollable craving. Those Myoplex shakes... I wouldn't drink at this point. I won't even eat brown rice because it's GI is above apples. Thanks for the vegetable ideas, I've been needing them. Definitely try sweet potatoes if you haven't. Yummy and very nutritious.

        Oh, if you're still consuming any sugar, I highly recommend going cold turkey. My first three days were miserable. The rest of the first week was kind of hard. But after that it's been easy. I got through the first three days by realizing I wasn't interested in eating healthy food, so it wasn't actually hunger I was feeling, it was craving what I'm addicted to. And substantial fear of continuing that life of addiction.

        I have been extremely happy with going very strictly to only water, lean meat (~60% of calories), vegetables (~20%, no white potatoes), and fruits (20%) - no juice, as it's too addictively refined for me. And I do highly recommend it for a sugar addict. I really think I'm getting more enjoyment out of apples and sweet potatoes now than I was out of candy bars a couple weeks ago. Well, most candy bars :/
        Stupid addiction.

        I've been meaning to go to MMA (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay-Thai) classes for a while now. I just can't bring myself to pay to be drilled on jumping rope, since I still need so much work on that. So my long standing plan has been to start going after I'm able to do the jump-roping first - same as Muay Thai matches: five rounds of three minutes each, with a two-minute rest between rounds. Although my primary exercise goal, and plan for the rest of my life, is to maintain optimal heart rate in any way for half an hour three times a week (on non-sequential days), since that seems to be a pretty good definition of healthy.
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