How I went off sugar.

How I went off sugar.

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  1. Decide that it's killing me, or at least significantly negatively impacting my health long term much more than it makes me happy short term, and I'm seriously addicted.
  2. When hungry but not interested in eating good food which contains no sugar, realize that I'm not actually hungry, but craving what I'm addicted to, and wait until interested in eating healthy food. (That was basically my first day off.)
  • good start.

    sometimes it's useful to listen to your body cravings. it's hitting you over the head with a clue by four and USUALLY knows what it wants. interpretive dance might help. sugar is probably something it wants but doesn't need.

    ever notice there's an RDA for all kinds of nutrients? but sugar isn't one of them, afaik.

    btw, have you read the Polan books? for instance "in defense of food"?

    • I believe I read that there is no RDA for carbs at all, because they expect you to fill in calorie requirements with carbs.

      No, I haven't read those books.
      • in theory, you could live your whole life without added salt or sugars. real food has plenty of that, and your body can typically extract/convert other things to get it, if you need it, more or less.

        during the big atkins craze, they had a group of men living on pretty much nothing but caribou and caribou products for a year. they THRIVED. might not be typical for everyone.

        the books are interesting. '''The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals''' gets you into the idea that almost everything in a grocery store other than natural products (lighty to non processed) is garbage for the body... '''In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto''' suggests that now that you are alarmed, there IS stuff you can eat, and a lot of it. i don't have copies, but i expect lots of people do if you want to read them. they're pretty quick, but i think you've already got the notion - the books just drive it home.

        • Along those lines, I've seen experts sum it up as, "Don't eat anything with a label."

          I've also seen it summarized as, "Don't eat anything that's advertised."
          • also summarized, i think by Pollan: if your great- great- great- great- great- great- great- etc ancestor wouldn't recognize it, don't touch it (it's EVILE!)

            it really gets me that so much processed stuff gets slid under the door as "real food" - "out cereal plus the following 99 things is part of a complete breakfast"... poptarts are supposedly officially a *grain*. nice.

  • I dunno, it was called to my attention recently that sugar has its uses.
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