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Louisville Slugger manufacturer ordered to pay $850,000 for not putting a warning label on their bat.

That pisses me off. How did they find 12 jurors who would think that's okay?
  • Oh! WAVE 3! I remember them from growing up in the area. (They're a Louisville TV station.)

    If that pisses you off, you'll be infuriated to know that that's only for his lost earnings, pain, and suffering ($792,000), and for the family's pain, suffering, and damages ($58,000). "The judge is still considering punitive damages."

  • This isn't the same story, but it's the same type of thing... http://kragar00.livejournal.com/193060.html
    It's crap and a blatant example of how civil courts are completely broken (while I think the US criminal courts are also broken, I think they're still one of the best out there)...

    I agree... Civilization sucks...
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