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OkCupid: How Races and Religions Match in Online Dating

Also shows that match percentage has a statistically insignificant relationship to zodiac signs.

That last graph on race is looking scary.
  • Innnteresting!
  • Thanks, this is nifty. I wonder what people are doing with this kind of information.
  • What was the part about the last graph you found scary?
    • Well, IF the labels are the same as the graph before it, for example, the race black females are least likely to respond to is black.
  • Huh. The religion chart is interesting; I expected a diagonal green stripe of desired same-religion pairings... but the Hindu and Muslim lines tell a very different story, and I'm really amused at the "Hindu females most desire Atheist males" statistical blip. However, without corresponding information on what overall percentage of their "random pool of 500,000 users" is represented in each category, it's just not good science.
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