Seal Shield keyboard SSK107 (review): fear mongering assholes

Seal Shield keyboard SSK107 (review): fear mongering assholes

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The box says very large "The average keyboard harbors 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat." - Dr. Charles Gerba.

People don't get sick from toilet seats.

The number of bacteria on a toilet seat is nothing compared to your mouth.

What I've found of this Dr. is all basically spam.

Compared to Logitech Deluxe 250 keyboard:
  • 2x the price (shipped).
  • Thin plastic.
  • Sharp key edges.
  • Gritty vertical key movement.
  • Teensy unreachable backspace key (enter/backspace/backslash keys are the wrong layout)
  • Home key is hard to find by touch due to rearrangement for three extra keys which I will never use.
These people claim their anti-microbial keyboard don't cause anti-microbial resistant "super bugs", but I don't buy it.

I hope to return this keyboard. Man this backspace key is horrible.

Bah, I paid $41, and after paying to ship it back and a 15% restocking fee I'd get about $15 back.

Anybody want to buy a dishwasher safe keyboard?

On the other hand I highly recommend the Logitech Deluxe 250 USB keyboard. Only 104 keys so you're not going to accidentally reboot your @!@^%# computer just by picking up your keyboard.
  • I've always found something annoying in the layout of every keyboard
    I've ever owned, but I make a habit of remapping my keys with
    this wonderful
    . If you end up keeping the keyboard, this might make
    you a little happier with it.
  • The whole craze to cash in on antimicrobial _______ is pretty annoying, though the simple tech behind it does work in theory. So if for some reason you have need to care - people with compromised immune systems, perhaps, or in a hospital. They're all silver-based so far as I know, and silver does have a well-documented effect on killing microbes that goes back at least to the early 20th century. As ubiquitous as silver is in the environment, I'd think any Superbug resistance to it would have developed eons ago, but if we start putting it on everything we touch it's probably gonna bite us in some unexpected way sooner or later...
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