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I bought Audio-Technica ATH-M50S w/ straight cable headphones.

I recommend them. The coiled cable version can be had cheaper elsewhere (I did get the straight cable).

I got closed headphones to annoy coworkers less. And then I went with the cheapest model that had the maximum Value Rating on headphone.com.

Bass response good.

This is way overdue. I had a lot of difficulty deciding on the price range, and in the end went with the (relatively) cheap ones because I know my ears suck. (This model doesn't come with its own shrine.)

I also got the HeadRoom Total BitHead portable amp. USB input means the digital to analog conversion happens away from the electronic noise of the computer. Also, better amp (than my sound card) = better sound. Theoretically. I haven't been able to tell the difference between it and plugging directly into my computer's audio jack.

It can also run on batteries and be used with a portable media player.

I am using USB audio output under Ubuntu. The device was detected immediately, but I had to install padevchooser, and.. I think restarting would have made it go. (Interestingly, kill(1)ing pulseaudio crashed X.)

I still need to pick a media player. Oh, I was going to try my phone.
  • Wow, that's considered cheap?

    That's about double what I paid for mine. I'll be interested to know how they work for you.
    • Re: Wow, that's considered cheap?

      The median price of full size headphones on that site is $239 + shipping.

      I'm very pleased with them so far.
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