Headphones + all the sexiness = Grado

Headphones + all the sexiness = Grado

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Amp = fine circuitry in a single solid block of wood.

Headphones = "It took 300 years for science to catch up with and understand the craftsmanship found in a Stradivarius violin."

I think [info]time3 told me about these. Once in a while I think they might be worth buying, and then I find the price again.
  • $1500 is just the start!

    now, what's your music source?
    LP? possibly. CD? forget it. the music is already damaged. HD-CD/variants? mebbee.

    ultra-high quality digital that you record yourself from live music? sure thing. now we're into personal hobby territory :)

    now, how good are your ears still? worth it?

  • I like my shure headset. You can get some good deals on them now and then.
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