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I finally watched 28 Days Later. I enjoyed it a lot, as you could reasonably expect.
  • 28 Days Later mentally scarred me.... I thought it was really good... And the idea of fast 'zombies' scared the hell out of me...

    I have yet to see the sequel...
    • I guess the unrealism of having something that dangerous under so little security prevented some scaring in my case.

      Assuming for a minute that I could do something as dumb as infecting monkeys with rage, I would only do it in a hermetically sealed vault with no way in or out that didn't require massive amounts of destruction. And remote control thingies to do the experiments or whatever. And the walls in the vicinity of this vault would be lined with guns. Oh, and another impenetrable chamber surrounding the vault with motion detectors hooked up to a nuke. See, then you could infect monkeys with rage and be perfectly safe.

      And the part where the guy said something like "You know why I can tell this is a bad idea? Because it's an obviously really bad idea." I would have added "Turn the fucking car around or I'm walking."
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