37 new photos.

37 new photos.

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Parties, fire, poll dancing, sun and moon rising, arc welding.
  • Ah well

    None of me spinning. You have some nice shots there.
  • I love the extreme close-up

    8316. I plan to copy that idea next chance I get.

    The pole-dance shots - was that the ambient light? How'd you shoot it?
    • Re: I love the extreme close-up

      Thanks. That was actually a pretty substantial crop.

      Yes, that was ambient light. The exif tags are intact. 50mm prime, f/2.0, 1/60th of a second, ISO 3200. I'm sure ISO 3200 looks grainy enough on my camera that many people would never use it, without exception. But I'd rather push ISO 3200 (under-expose the photo, and increase the exposure in post-processing (which would be even more grainy)) than not even try.
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