HDR display on your LDR monitor via flickering.

HDR display on your LDR monitor via flickering.

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Note how you can only see details in the bright or dark areas of the original images, but you can see everything in the animation.

Having each pixel randomly selected from the originals is much less trauma inducing than flipping between the full bright and dark images.

Did I achieve anything other than contrast reduction (of a merged HDR)?

Images are from http://www.debevec.org/Research/HDR/.

  • Maybe for preview?

    I tried combining the two images in gimp and setting the top layer to 50% opiacty, and the result actually seemed better here. It probably depends a lot on one's monitor and lighting and eyes, though. The idea is interesting but I find the apparent motion distracting. Maybe you could try making a video rather than a gif animation?

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