Hah, this is a unicode character.

Hah, this is a unicode character.

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Seussian Latin Extensions: U+E630 - U+E64F. Yes, that Seuss. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have support for these ☹
  • Actually, the Seussian Latin Extensions aren’t a part of the Unicode standard. The Conscript Unicode Registry is a bunch of people who have arbitrarily agreed to assign certain whimsical scripts (including Seussian and Klingon) to particular code points in the Unicode private use area (which is intended for site-specific or vendor-specific use). That said, there are probably as many Linux systems with Klingon support as with Cherokee support. :-)

    (Shavian, though, has official Unicode codepoints, although they’re not in the Basic Multilingual Plane.)
  • Was the "2687" underneath to indicate its numerical value (in hex)? Because that page indicates that that's a "WHITE CIRCLE WITH TWO DOTS":

    Oh, wait. Searching for "sign", I found it at 26A7: MALE WITH STROKE AND MALE AND FEMALE SIGN
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