Help me generate some high resolution sheep (distributed animated fractal rendering)

Help me generate some high resolution sheep (distributed animated fractal rendering)

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I set up an electricsheep server handing out 1280x1280 sheep, instead of the 640x480 default. Just tell electricsheep to use the server www.chaosreigns.com/sheep

Electricsheep is the most awesome screensaver, but the resolution is a bit low. And the faq says if you don't like that, run your own sheep server set to a higher resolution.

It looks like electricsheep v2.7.* won't let you specify a server (grr), so you need v2.6.*.

Windows: http://www.electricsheep.org/old-releases/electricsheep-2.6.6.exe
Mac: http://www.electricsheep.org/old-releases/electricsheep-2.6.9-universal.dmg
Linux: "aptitude install electricsheep" or something.

I'm doing the rendering on a couple machines with the command:
electricsheep --display-anim 0 --server www.chaosreigns.com/sheep --nick yourlj
(The --nick bit lets me know who is contributing.)
To use my sheep server with gnome-screensaver (ubuntu's default), modify /usr/share/applications/screensavers/electricsheep.desktop - change Exec to:
Exec=electricsheep --root 1 --zoom 1 --server www.chaosreigns.com/sheep

No sheep (animation segments) have completed yet (so the screensaver won't display anything neat yet). Just a couple frames so far (the blur is intentional motion blur):

My hope is to eventually run electricsheep cropping the animations to fit my desktop, instead of stretching. Stretching 640x480 sheep to my rotated widscreen 1280x1920 display is lame.

Amusingly, the main electric sheep server happens to be down right now.

Update: mpeg2enc (mpeg2?), used by electricsheep, won't encode over 720x576, time to play with Ogg Theora.
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