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You're (Probably) a Federal Criminal - foxnews.com
  • While that sucks, and I know that the legal system is pretty broken in some cases, it's going to take more than 2 instances for me to get into an uproar...
    Especially 2 instances coming from Fox... In fact, I get into more of an uproar about Fox... Especially when I read this little tid-bit from several years ago http://www.ceasespin.org/ceasespin_blog/ceasespin_blogger_files/fox_news_gets_okay_to_misinform_public.html
    • I had pretty much the same reaction. Especially when the outrage was over safety procedures for sodium. Sodium is kind of dangerous stuff, google "sodium and water" for some fun examples.
    • if customs passes their new rules (not necessarily laws), which the states typically follow as laws, 36+ million people will probably be turned into criminals by possesing/carrying/using folding knives that can be opened with one hand. the govt is being rather uppity on this one, and really wants to pass it. a sneaky method for them to gain another foothold on previously held rights.


  • I will Never take anything from Faux News at face value.
  • Where was Fox's concern about what the government does for the last 8 years?

    Also, political parties suck.
  • What is the matter with you people?

    Do y'all *really* believe that everything Fox news writes/says/posts is an outright lie?

    I'm no fan of Fox news, they're cartoonishly right wing, but are you all so closed minded to discount anything they say just because *they* say it?

    Exactly how many examples of seriously broken application of law is sufficient before you think, "hey, that's not right!" ? Does it have to happen to someone you know? Does it have to happen to someone you like?

    This guy isn't Fox, and he talks about the same stupid laws in the context of "don't talk to the police" (Everyone should watch that, even if you think you have nothing to fear because you never do anything wrong)

    Damn... Given y'all are Darxus' friends, I would have expected a little more open-mindedness.

    • Re: What is the matter with you people?

      I don't believe that everything that Fox says is a lie... But I prefer to get a second opinion on anything they say, just like I do with Wikipedia...

      However, the fact that Fox has publicly and legally said, "our news is for entertainment purposes only, so we can spice things up if we want" doesn't impress me with their moral standards...

      That said, I know our legal system is broken... It's a hazard of democracy (and really any form of government)... And while I think that it's broken, I still think it's a mostly good one... Better than many other nations by a longshot...
      It sucks that these people have become the victims of legal manipulation... And I know it's happened to many other people, both for good and bad... But it's unavoidable in any legal system, regardless of which system it is...
      I don't condone it, but I've come to accept it...
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