[language] Spaced Repetition / Anki

[language] Spaced Repetition / Anki

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Anki is a free flash card program that repeats cards at optimal intervals for strengthening memory.

Staring at the definition of a new word for hours is not much more useful than reading it once. Apparently the longer you go between successfully checking your knowledge of something, the longer you will remember it. This is Spaced Repetition.

Anki is a free (GPL) flash card program based on this, written by a guy learning Japanese. It has a bunch of pre-defined decks you can download. Esperanto, Lojban gizmu (although not a useful intro), NATO phonetic alphabet (alpha, bravo, charlie, delta...), Polish, Dutch, German, Python, Hebrew, Mandarin, Arabic, amateur radio, Russian, French, Spanish, etc.

I'd love to have an English vocabulary deck in word frequency order. There are a couple English decks (5000 Collegiate Words), but they are well above my vocabulary level.

I created one for the names / numbers of months, because I still have to count some of them out. Similar to the NATO phonetic alphabet. Noticeable improvement in the first 10 minutes. Hah, since then somebody created a deck with month lengths.
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