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Snow Stack - CSS 3D Visual Effect, youtube video, and live demo with instructions.

Dynamic 3D with CSS and the DOM (live demo)

Browser compatibility tables for features in HTML5, CSS3, SVG and other upcoming web technologies. The summary table at the bottom is particularly nice.

CSS3 live demos
"...you can change stylesheets based on for instance the width and height of the [browser window]" - CSS3 media queries
CSS3 text shadow

Google's Privacy Policy is in HTML5 (<!DOCTYPE html> = HTML5). So I'll start using that.
  • The css3 3d stuff is in the offical mobile safari release. I can do all the 3d demos right now on my iPhone. Not sure why apple didn't turn it on for the desktop safari yet. Guess they are holding out for snow leopard. I've heard the 3d stuff performs much better on snow leopard.
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