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Firefox plugin to display the number of HTML errors in a page in the status bar.

There is a Linux version, but you have to grab it from the maintainer's site.

This should be in all browsers by default.
  • thanks.
  • I hate to tell you this, but the average user doesn't give a fuck. They just want to read their comics and blogs or watch porn or play flash games. So it's no surprise that most browsers don't have that - most people don't want it.
    • I am not quite that delusional.

      I want every browser to have a tiny icon showing at least whether the page was rendered in Standards Compliance Mode, or it had to fall back to Quirks Mode, because I want the people writing web pages to have it that easy to check.

      Because without it, everybody writes crappy html, and every browser tries to display everything it possibly can, resulting in a war over which browser can render the crappiest code, resulting in a necessity for heavy processing, and everybody getting the results different.

      Because apparently using an HTML validation service that will do your whole web site at once is too hard.
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