Web Browser ability to correctly handle standards.

Web Browser ability to correctly handle standards.

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Browsers that have pased Acid3 (version numbers indicate a public release)


Safari 4.0.2


Iris Browser 1.1.7
Opera Mobile

Microsoft is not interested in passing. "...we are focused on the most important features and standards to make web developers' lives easier. The ACID3 test does not map directly to that goal." - microsoft.com

I may have to configure my server to deny all Microsoft browser users. At least for a while.

The test: http://acid3.acidtests.org/
  • don't forget to disable use for lynx, mozaic, netscape, mozilla in particular firefox as well, and mobile safari ;)

    in reading, it seems like some browsers are predisposed to passing due to various hooks, and some can't, because they lack those hooks (or implement differently), but i'll have to look into that, but right now i'm busy, building a fence to keep blue eyed people out of my yard ;)

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