[cholesterol] Cholesterol results from 6/25/09.

[cholesterol] Cholesterol results from 6/25/09.

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"Overall these look good, they're definitely improved."
TestOldNewTarget RangeQuote
Total Cholesterol433290125200"high" "much better"
Triglycerides68829830149"a lot better"
HDL (good) Cholesterol36334077"that's okay"
LDL (bad) Cholesterolunmeasurable19762130"high"
Creatinine (kidney function)didn't say1.520.791.33"okay"
Glucosedidn't say1016599/120"fine"
"Overall these look good, they're definitely improved."

My LDL (bad) Cholesterol couldn't be measured last time because my Triglycerides were at 688, and the test doesn't work with them over 400.
  • Woah...

    That's such a huge change I'd tend to distrust the first test.

    Keep doing what you're doing. (but add some move variety in your diet :)
    • This was about the fourth test in a row that said my blood cholesterol was very high.

      Edited at 2009-07-06 09:29 pm (UTC)
  • Great progress you are making! My Dad was diagnosed with all that when I was a kid. Of course his diet radically changed the way I ate from then on, because Mom was only going to cook one meal for everyone. Those eating habits then still linger with me today. :)
  • Yay!

    I'm really happy about that progress. When is the next one?
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