[weight] My New Meal Plan

[weight] My New Meal Plan

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Canned chicken, instant brown rice, and barbecue sauce.

Per Day:
Canned Chicken1 can3.5210
Instant Brown Rice5 cups (dry)101500
Barbecue Sauce1/2 cup4240

I just finished my first meal and I'm all kinds of happy with myself. The rice takes 12 minutes to prepare 1 cup, the rest is just measuring. I'm measuring out the barbecue sauce once per day. At some point I'll add back multivitamins, but since I've been getting 280% of most vitamins and minerals on 8 cans of diet shakes a day, I'm in no hurry. I'm contemplating vegetables, but not there yet. Fresh vegetables are too much work. Is frozen or canned dietarily worth while?

I've been losing weight too fast (again), so my current goal is to maintain my weight for 38 days, which is what it will take to get me back to my daily target weights. That should be easier on this food than on only diet shakes.

Current status:

Weight113.1kg / 249.3lb116.3kg / 256.4lb
Rate of loss per week0.50%1.82%

So I'm under by 3.2kg, 7.1lb, and 38 days.

Max loss guidelines are 2lb or 1% per week.


I'm hoping to write up a spreadsheet to make all of this more easy for people.
  • Frozen is often nearly as good for you as fresh.
    • Thanks. Tossing that in with the rice at some point should be doable.
  • Frozen is the way to go - might even be fresher than fresh, since they freeze veggies so soon after picking. They have these fantastic steam-in-packaging things that you just toss in the microwave and eat.
  • Being a treehugging hippy (or at least pretending to be) I say Go For the Fresh! With everything on your meal plan there!

    You could take one afternoon a week and prep non-instant rice, boil or bake some chicken and dice it up, whip up some homemade BBQ sauce and veggies, and freeze or just refrigerate them all, and have the same "cook time" at meal times during the week, or possibly even less, as you can just zap it all in the microwave.

    Plus, that afternoon of prep is a little physical activity, hey...bonus there, and you can avoid MSG and all that extra salt and fake crap! Chances are the BBQ sauce you're eating is made of mostly high fructose corn syrup...that's not good for weight loss!


    You buying this yet?

    Dietarily speaking, frozen vegetables are going to be better than canned, in most cases. Less salt and sugar added to the frozen and all. It's awfully convenient for cooking for one or two to have frozen as well, you can just take out and cook the amount you actually need, whatever serving size you want, instead of having to deal with 14 ounces at a time.

    • I agree and have done exactly that: http://www.chaosreigns.com/gallery/FOOD_by_Darxus.jpg.html (except pasta instead of rice).

      But I am currently so lacking motivation that I was only consuming diet shakes. This is a massive improvement.
    • Yes, the first ingredient in this barbecue sauce is high fructose corn syrup. Which I read before buying, and have been aware is a sub-optimal food ingredient. But the calories have been accounted for, and I'm still doing way better than 100% calorie shakes.
      • I'll have to get David to give you his BBQ sauce recipe, for when you are feeling the motivation (and I know the feeling to have so little motivation, most days a handful of crackers is about all I'll eat until dinner, because microwaving leftovers is *too much effort*). He found one that's just fantastic, with whiskey and tabasco sauce and all kinds of good stuff.
        And didn't mean to imply that you wouldn't know about what you're eating, I'm just always pushing my hippy agenda! :)
        • I don't like whiskey or tabasco sauce :/

          • Well damn, I think all the recipes I have for BBQ sauce have whiskey.

            Actually I hate whiskey and don't like tabasco on anything, but we sure go through them both with the BBQ sauce around here! Of coruse, maybe I wouldn't hate whiskey if I bought something other than the super cheapo stuff that's just gonna go into sauce...lol.
  • It seems like fresh chicken should be better than canned chicken. At least in taste, I'd guess. Not sure about nutritional values, though. I'd imagine it couldn't be better for you than fresh, but maybe equal? I don't know.
  • I'd add apples, carrots (fresh, not frozen or canned) to your diet.

    They require no preparation (just stuff 'em in your mouth!) and last shockingly long if you don't get to the market often. Plus... you know... tasty.

    For apples I recommend Jazz, Empire, Cripps Pink/Pink Lady, Honeycrisp, and.... there's a couple others. I really like them. Avoid anything labeled "delicious", 'cuz... they're not.
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