Google phone is better than HTC Mogul.

Google phone is better than HTC Mogul.

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In June 2007 I decided I needed a PDA phone. With the best physical keyboard. The google phone was still just a rumour. The HTC Mogul from Sprint was the obvious answer. Cyron was the first person to point me to it. As of yesterday, the Mogul is officially my second favorite phone, because I finally got to poke at a T-Mobile G1, aka google phone - [info]beowabbit's.

Keyboard is much better. Ssh is much better. Browser is better. Screen / resolution is much better. And the only things I liked less were the fact that you can't use a (more precise) fingernail or stylus, only a fingertip, and the way it slides open causing the navigation buttons used while closed to be in the way of the keyboard. But this has the advantage of those buttons being more accessible while it's open.

Sure, the iPhone is still sexier, but if you want the most capable phone, it's the G1.

A big part of the improved ssh experience is that obviously more work went into making an app specifically useful on this phone. The one I use on my Mogul is a hack of putty that is incomplete enough that it hasn't been accepted into the upstream source. To hit control, I have to tap the software keyboard icon on the screen (which takes up a lot of screen space), then tape the tiny control key on the software keyboard. Typing a "|" is worse. On the Mogul the number keys are function+letter keys. The G1 has a full set of number keys, which significantly improves the non-alphanumeric key usage. And pressing the track ball works as the control key.
  • If I recall correctly, the G1 uses a capacitive touch screen, the same tech as the iPhone. An iPhone stylus would work on it, I bet. I haven't figured out exactly how iPhone styluses work. I think they're just very conductive and let the electricity from your fingers reach the screen. This seems to be supported by the fact that styluses stop working if you wear gloves or otherwise insulate your hand.

    Though the G1 looks pretty cool. If I were rich, I'd probably buy one just to toy with it. but I'm not, so I can't.
  • I got the HTC Touch Pro, a few weeks after the Android came out. My choice was driven by two things: T-Mobile has lousy coverage, and early reports were that there were still a lot of kinks in the new OS from google, including from a woman I met who had one only because she worked for Google and she was required to use it for her work. She was not too happy with it, but trying to like it. A friend who's had one for a few months complains about various bugs that still haven't been fixed, things he has to work around every day.
    I like the hardware, but infrastructure and system issues made me think it'd be better to wait until it's more mature and available on other phones & networks.
    • Yeah after I made that post it occurred to me that newer phones along the lines of my Mogul might have appeared since then which I haven't been paying attention to.
  • I'm waiting for my contract to expire

    ...or the G2 to come out. Whichever happens first.
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