Excellent weekend partying at sensesurfer's.

Excellent weekend partying at [info]sensesurfer's.

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I spent the weekend in a great mood, which is really awesome. Witnessed a SCUL knighting, which involved an incredible bicycle with a very tall lit disco ball and impressive sound system. Went fishing out on [info]sensesurfer's boat, caught my first sea fish - two flounder, legal and yummy. Got to drive the boat, opened the throttle a lot, and a minute later the anchor whipped past from the back to the front of the boat. Those are good to pull out of the water first. Last night I got some wonderful cuddling from a woman I'd never met before. That was the highlight of my... a long time. I hope I run into her again, but if not, the cuddling was awesome on its own.
  • The bike gang you're looking for is SCUL.
    • Thank you. That's much more like it. Fixed. Your link is missing an http://
  • sounds fun. i wish i was up for adventures and frolic and not infecting people with swine flu :)

    glad you had a good time

  • Sounds like awesome fun! Glad nobody was decapitated by the anchor.

    (Hmmm... I wonder if a decapitated head would float or sink. Not sure how the density of the head compares to the rest of the body. It’s got lots of bone, but I have this notion that brain isn’t very dense. Oh, it’s also got all those sinuses! So it would probably float, at least for a while.)
    • I would guess that it would only float until the sinuses filled up with water. That would likely happen pretty quickly, especially if the mouth was open. At that point, unless the face/neck had a high measure of fat on it significant enough keep the water-filled head afloat, I'd say it's on its way down to sleep with the fishes.

      By the way, I love you. :-)
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