I tried an olympic lift for the first time last night. It was far scarier than expected.

I tried an olympic lift for the first time last night. It was far scarier than expected.

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http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/OlympicLifts/Snatch.html (great animation)

I've done lots of squats, where you start off with the bar at the top of your spine. That's far less scary than tossing a bunch of iron over your head while squatting under it. I never did manage it. The closest I got was skipping the squatting part, which clearly was far less weight than I should be able to snatch. There's no way to put a cage around you, or be usefully spotted, when doing the snatch, unlike the squat.

I really need to work a lot on the form with just the empty bar, and slowly go up from there. I wanted to go back out and try that last night after resting for a while, but figured I had pushed myself enough already for the day.

A big part of the reason I hadn't tried the snatch before was lack of an appropriate place to do it. Dropping that bar will break concrete. And I did throw the bar last night. Fortunately I was in one of the stalls of my barn, with a dirt floor.

I have a barn....
  • sure is scary! i agree.

    now, here's a question: do you know all the progression/breakdowns to that move? there's a lot of intermediate steps (for safety, for form, for protecting your lumbar spine)

    in particular, being able to do [hang] cleans properly to an overhead [strict] push press. snatch-cleans are then beyond that.

    if you want, i can introduce you to the manchester crossfit gym. it's not just olympic lifting, but a whole lot of other training... but the lifts are there, with a certified coach. don't know if that's your kink or not, screaming in a gym :)

    otherwise, i'd recommend a book:
    it's pretty much simple, no bullshit stuff.

    you could get some bumper plates :) they won't break concrete WHEN you drop, and also 1-2 layers of stall matts. mmm, a barn. pullups. climbing rope. rings. you could setup your own crossfit gym!

    • Nope, I don't know anything I haven't gotten from exrx on the snatch.

      That crossfit gym sounds fun, but I really think the convenience of my own home is currently much more useful to me.

      I have lusted after bumper plates for a long time, but I'm not paying for them. Particularly when I have a dry sheltered place I can safely throw iron down.
      • i'd still consider a coach for some of this stuff, train at home.

        i can show the basics i know, in particular, the nuances of the deadlift leading to some other things (and how not to get hurt (ask me how i know (rubs elbow - i lost focus))), but all the little bits, where the coach figures out your individual ergos and fitment, is the key thing i'm hitting the CF gym for. worth every penny (which i haven't paid yet).

        shortly, they are moving to a new 2000 sq/ft facility. he's already essentially open 24 hrs/day by appt. i can ask if he'll JUST coach lifting.

        still, check out the book - any borders/B&N should have it. lavish with pictures, and scaled workouts and progressions.

        it's amazing what technique can do when it's flawless.

        • CrossFit is great.

          I've been doing CrossFit for a few months now, and I also give a thumbs-up. The certifications aren't just mastering material for a written test to become an instructor. There's actually a physical challenge as well as book learning. I did 30 snatches tonight at 85# as my WoD (Workout of the Day,) It's called Isabel. (Although Isabel is done at 135#.) I also need to work more on my snatch form.

          I agree with perspicuity that a lifting coach is a boon. I have been blessed to find a certified coach who will work one on one with me here cheaply. Even if you just do it for one month or so, it's completely worth it.

          Congratulations on lifting heavy weights!
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