[safety_razor] My first shave with a safety razor.

[safety_razor] My first shave with a safety razor.

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I'm really bummed that I've gotten tired of my straight razor. I couldn't get it sharp enough for my happiness in comparison to the much easier modern plastic cartridge razor. I got the recommended hone, had a good strop, watched the videos, spent a lot of time on it. Don't know if it's my technique or the technology.

But the modern razors still clog ridiculously. Last time I shaved with a modern Gillette disposable one of the two blades got clogged so bad I gave up trying to unclog it. Not to mention the price scam.

So I tried a safety razor, which is what those double sided really thin flat razor blades are actually made for. What people mostly used between straight razors and cartridge razors. Just one blade, I figured not so much clogging (obviously the straight razor doesn't clog at all).

I used a Gillette (otherwise unmarked) blade (probably not the "Swedish" type) and a Gillette Knack / Slim-Twist / G2000 razor that [info]beowabbit had around and was willing to let my play with. I also used regular shaving cream. I have yet to try the brush / soap dish method.

I'm entirely happy with the results, particularly given the fact that this is a blade no-one would recommend. Relatively no clogging problems. One time I took the blade out of the razor and rinsed each individually which you obviously can't do with a cartridge razor. Oh, and I hadn't shaved in two weeks.

Tomorrow at lunch I'll probably play with the razors they have at the tobacco shop in Harvard Square (their hours suck), maybe buy a razor, and either buy decent blades or order a sample pack.

I actually even recommend that reasonable people use safety razors instead of modern cartridge razors. Modern razor cartridges cost about 2.84 times as much as good (Merkur) double edged blades.
  • The clogging is one thing I had grown to loathe about disposables. Head hair is especially fine to jam into them. One of the things I really enjoy about the Mach III/Fusion design is the flow-through cartridge which allows the whiskers to completely pass through the blades and out the other side.
  • Heh...

    I got fed up with all the bladed razors and just got an electric one. It works remarkably well, well enough that I can't really see going back to a disposable or any other kind. You know, when I bother to shave at all.
    • I have a nice Braun electric razor somewhere, that I used regularly around 6 years ago. I don't really remember why I stopped using it. Probably something like failing to get a refill for the automatic cleaner. Also, maybe because blades are more fun.

      I found a video that demonstrated to my satisfaction that straight razors can be sharped far better than mine was recently, and now I want to dig it out and try again.
  • HairBgone

    Highly recommend the Badger brush an soap
    for a marvelously ritual feeling ... and working well.
    If you can find a Rolls razor, they worked well too.
    Hone-able, Strop-able, but with rounded corners
    on the single edge blade for safety and no nicks.
    • Re: HairBgone

      Yeah, I'm aware of the reasons people rave about the use of badger brushes, I just haven't felt like spending the time on that part yet.

      That Rolls razor looks interesting, thanks, but right now I'm most interested in trying to get better with my straight razor.
  • Merkur razors

    Wet-shaving also means less waste. Just think about all the non-recyclable plastic that goes into multi-blade cartridges and handles, and the aerosol cans that release harmful by-products into the environment. Switching to old-style shaving props won’t gain you entry into Green Peace by itself, but it is a good start.
    I am a Merkur razor user and it works like magic.
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