A little more faith in mankind.

A little more faith in mankind.

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I hadn't been home since Friday. I shoveled a little of the snow at the entrance to my driveway, and then got the brilliant idea to wedge my car into the remaining snowbank. The problem with the plan was that the tail of my car remained a little too far out into the road.

Also, my car was now stuck on a pile of snow.

I was in my house, taking a brake. Heard a car horn, saw flashing lights. Went outside and a guy with a flashlight said "You stuck?" "Yup." "Need pulled out?"

Big truck. Plow. Pulled my car out and then plowed my driveway for me.
  • Yay! That totally rocks.
  • Welcome to New Hampshire!
  • Reminds me of last winter. I park on the street in Somerville. There was only one day last winter where I might have actually had to shovel a little snow, but someone (okay, a fairly attractive woman) who happened to be shoveling another space nearby saw me trying to get out, and offered to do it for me!
  • Pock!
  • Pullout and plowing

    Gotta love people with big
    equipment who like to use it
    to help those in need.
    Anon, Don
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