[housing] Photos of the farm in Pelham, NH.

[housing] Photos of the farm in Pelham, NH.

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Pending water and radon testing, closing is on the 23rd:


Property line is in the middle of the stream.

Update: Tests came back. Everything looks good except the radon in the water is high. My current plan is to pretty much ignore it.
  • Congrats?
  • Nice! When's the housewarming party?
  • Oh.


    No wonder you fell in love with the place! Congratulations; I can’t wait to see it!

    And thanks for mentioning the town; as it happens, on my way in to work, I was thinking I should drop you a note and ask you so I can figure out how far a drive it is. Google claims 1:05 from Quincy to Pelham; not bad at all.
    • Thanks.

      Yeah, it's basically on the NH side of the intersection of the states and 93.
  • Looks nice...
  • Wow! Congrats! You sure move fast *L*
  • Enjoy. Looks great. You will need to get a fishing rod.

    Power underground or does it come in from the rear of the house?
    The water testing implies a well, so I would assume a septic tank and pump for that as well. Does it have a place to easily plug a generator into the panel, or subpanel with critical circuits only?

    I would guess oil heat. I would recommend getting in with a group that negotiates with the oil delivery companies for better rates, I know they have done well by me.

    Going to grow anything?
    • Thanks.

      On the right side of that photo you can see where the line goes to a poll, then into the ground.

      Yes, well and septic. Don't know about generator access.

      It's got a couple weird propane burners inside the house that vent the exhaust outside. Supposed to be real efficient.

      Yes. It's looking like:
      1 water buffalo (awesome milk like in India)
      2 pigs
      chickens (egg layers)
      potatoes... I don't know what else.
      • You can get generators that run on propane. Again supposed to be efficient. I've been hearing propane generator propaganda for about 3 months now since a co-worker is getting one installed.
        • Nice.
        • With regards to this. A friend was telling me about a company, small as yet, that was supposedly making an electric generator/hot water tank combo that is designed to put to use some of the waste heat used in keeping your water hot. I don't have any additional information, but it sounded like an interesting concept, at least.
      • oh. And a water buffalo?!?

        holy crap.
      • Farewell My Subaru guy seems to think goat milk is teh awesome - apparently it makes excellent ice cream.
  • Oh, wow. Purchase? Congratulations! And the place looks really nice, too.
  • Which water would have the high radon? In another comment you mentioned the place has a well. I'd be worried about the well water getting contaminated, unless it has some kind of super filter on it.

    I've only ever known one person with a well, and they didn't filter it. It just came right into the house.
  • /inarticulate squee/

    Do you have plans to redecorate? (Would you like some? The trouble with being young and unsettled is that I want to play house with other people's.)

    Can't wait to visit. It looks absolutely beautiful.
  • Nice looking place. Congratulations!
  • Good luck with the massive paper-signing event Monday!
  • updates and froth

    this matter and issue seems to cause all kinds of discussion froth, irrespective of its current status. maybe it's like Greece, Armenia, and Turkey, or the West Bank.

    but if it didn't start as a tweak of the U.S.'s nose, it's becoming that, particularly since the U.S. decided to show up, as that Economist article says. here's more. purely symbolic missile defense proposals in eastern Europe might be part of the rub.

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