[housing] Met realtor, drove by several houses.

[housing] Met realtor, drove by several houses.

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[info]cathijosephine set up the appointment and was generally very useful.

Told the agent I want something in NH with a relatively reasonable commute to downtown Cambridge. She came up with a few places. A little land would be nice. Drove by several today, one of which was a little exciting. Going to two open houses tomorrow.
  • whoaaaa. are you thinking of buying?

    This is totally exciting!
  • I drive the opposite commute and it's wall to wall cars going the other way. drive it a couple of mornings before committing.
  • ooh, good luck.
  • Good luck! (Also, though, what [info]mrpet said. One of my coworkers has an hour and a half commute and he's constantly complaining about it. But I think he doesn't really like to drive much, so it might be different for you.)
  • You might want to consider renting for a year (or a few months, if you can find a short-term rental) to make sure the commute will work for you.

    (Then again, the housing market might be stronger in a year, so maybe this is a good time to buy.)
  • Exciting stuff! Good luck with the hunt.
  • Hope something works out. Bit of a commute there, but should be do-able.
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