[poll] Thermostat Settings

[poll] Thermostat Settings

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Poll #1087969 Thermostat Settings
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What is the thermostat in your home generally set to when you are there?

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Lower than 57F
2 (4.8%)

0 (0.0%)

1 (2.4%)

3 (7.1%)

4 (9.5%)

7 (16.7%)

16 (38.1%)

7 (16.7%)

1 (2.4%)

0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

Higher than 82F
1 (2.4%)

I meant to ask: when you're awake.
Er, and right now / during the winter. For heat.
  • 68-70 during the day, 65-68 at night when I remember to adjust it. However I often go for days without looking at it, so if others are playing with it I have not a clue.
    • Oh, that's during the winter. In the summer I tend to leave it at 75 during the day and 72-73 at night (we have central air).
    • Oops, I meant to specify while you're awake. Thanks.
  • If I was the only one living there it would be 68 in the winter when I was there and a few degrees cooler when I wasn't. However, I have the girlfriend who has a broken thermometer, so it is at 72. When schedules are consistent I adjust the timer to turn it down when we are both away.
  • echoing other comments...

    i have central air, i don't tend to (much ever) use the a/c. only if it's really NASTY or i'm sick and need lower temps/humidity. that amounts to less than 5 days a year typically; 0 this year, 2-3 times last; 0 before that.

    currently i don't have my heat on yet. apt is now 73.9. magic. perfect southern exposure, windows, and appliances. my heating bill last year was $80ish iirc. it was also relatively mild.

  • I like to be able to wear fuzzy socks and sweaters in the winter.

    Under 70 F by default. Usually 60 F when it's not bitter cold out, then up towards 62-64 F when it's getting chilly. I'd rather be too chilly than overheat. (And yes, I've had both frostbite and heat stroke. I prefer frostbite. Pins and needles and burning extremities win out over passing out, choking on air and hallucinating.)

    I could be odd; I just asked the maintenance people in my building to turn my heat down. I'm waking up panting from the heat, and that's with my window opened.
  • The thermostat in my place (which, due to its design, cannot be changed particularly easily) has way too much hysteresis. During the heating season it's set to 68 and during the cooling season it's set to 72 but, particularly for heating, by the time it turns the heat on I'm chilly and by the time it turns it off I'm a little warm.
  • 70, but that’s because my renters set it. (Occasionally with the windows open. :-/ ) I expect when they move out in a week I’ll be setting it to 64 or 66. I loves me the toasty house, but I also loves me the planet and the bank account.

    In Malden, when I was the only person living on my floor, I kept the heat low, but supplemented it in the room I was in with a space heater. Best of both worlds, as long as you don’t mind the house burning down. :-)
  • 60F is the default, my setback thermostat returns to this at night. I bump it as high as 64F sometimes, when it's raw out and I feel the need.
  • Honestly, the only "setting" we use is "are you cold?" Plus, the house has very un-even heating so setting it on 72 means *the room the themostat is in* gets to 72, but that's almost useless, since all the other rooms are different temperatures.

    This year we are trying to use the woodburning stove more and the heat less. The stove is in the living room and that's about all it will heat, but we spend most of our time there anyway when we're home, that's where the computer is. We moved the snake into the living room and the bird into the next warmest room and the guinea pig and the cats have fur, so they can deal.
    And of course we'll be putting up plastic on the windows soon and such.
    So far I think the heat has been on a lot less than this time last year, we'll see how things work out when January hits.

  • Left to my own devices, I would keep the heat set at ~62F. J runs cold, so we keep it at 68F when we are (expected to be) home and awake. The programmable thermostat sets it back to 50F when we are not expected to be home, and 60F when we are expected to be sleeping.
  • 68 during the day, down to 60-64 at night (when we remember). The plan is to install a programmable thermostat set for 62 11pm-6am, 68 6-8am, 62 8am-2pm, & 68 2pm-11pm weekdays and 68 8-midnight & 62 midnight-8am weekends. Thank should accommodate the spread of times spend awake/home here.

    Need to get off my butt and plastic up the worst of the windows at least, and possibly do some caulking (first winter in this house).
  • If I had a thermostat that let me set a schedule, then I'd probably have it at 58 degF during the day (when I'm at work), 64-8 degF when I am home and awake, and 62 degF while I'm home and asleep.

    As it is, it's set at 68 degF, turned off when I leave for work, and turned back on when I get home.
  • I'm actually not sure what my thermostat is set to. this is because the person who installed it didn't know what they're doing and it's not calibrated correctly. If I actually set it to 68 degrees, for example, the house would end up around 78-80 degrees. I suspect it's miscalibrated by about 8-10 degrees, though. I'd estimate it's set around 68.
    • I don't think thermostats can be calibrated. Buy a new one? It's just one pair of wires going into the wall telling the heater to be on or off. Or if you don't mind it being wrong... it doesn't matter.
  • I answered for my dorm(higher than 82), we don't really have a thermostat, we have a spinny thing numbers 1-5 on it, and even on 1 with the windows all the way open it's so hot in my room almost every girl who hangs out in it, is sitting around in her undies/bra after a few minutes. I'm not complaining, except for when I wake up at noon from the heat and feel like I'm in an oven.
  • 64F when at home and awake.
    58F when at home and asleep.
  • 60-62, our s is a old dial one with a 2 degree differential...so, you ever gonna make a trip out to Western Ma and meet the wife?
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