MBTA Radio

MBTA Radio

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Now you get to hear them making noise constantly, with the bonus of advertisements.


"in case you were wondering how riding the T could be made less tolerable"

There is a feedback form, please use it: http://www.mbta.com/riding_the_t/feedback/

I just did:
Please cancel this T-Radio thing. There is enough noise, and this will only make me more miserable when I'm around it, and less likely to take public transportation.</a>
  • I haven't heard it yet...

    I think that if the MBTA can make money by selling ads on this thing I'm all for it. Public transportation is expensive, and I think the T should continue to seek other incomes.

    I can just hide behind my awesome $15 mp3 headphones.
    • Re: I haven't heard it yet...

      Well, that would be good if they could but per this globe article Dan Grabauskas "does not know how much profit, if any, the MBTA would reap in the deal".
    • Re: I haven't heard it yet...

      Oh, and currently less than 1% of the MBTA is financed with advertising (look here for a simple funding breakdown). Note that state taxes provide ~55% of the income and local taxes provide ~10%. Another interesting tidbit is that 17% of the money spent was interest and 8% was principal payments on loans.
      • Re: I haven't heard it yet...

        uggg... the T has $8.1 Billion in debt. $2.9B of that was passed to the MBTA from the state in 2007. This is ostensibly debt from the Big Dig.
  • Done. I pointed out that I like to talk to my wife, and listen to my children and would not enjoy an unavoidable noise source. At least with the musicians I can move to another part of the platform.
  • I left a "please don't" comment as well. Even though I rarely take the T, I really, really prefer quiet and will go to serious lengths to avoid noise.
  • I pointed out that it's a safety concern to raise the speaker-running time to "constant". With occasional announcements, I might listen to see what they are. With a constant stream of noise, I just turn up my headphones and ignore it.
  • Here’s what I sent them a few days ago:
    I am fortunate enough not to have been in any of the stations where the T-Radio pilot program is operating [alas, no longer true], but I think it's a very bad idea, and I do not want more noise in T stations distracting me from my commute or from what I'm listening to (whether live musicians, music via headphones, or a conversation with my travelling companions) or what I'm reading. Honestly, I bought the house I did specifically so I could take the T to work, but if the stations I regularly travel through end up having canned music and talk (other than transit-related announcements) pumped into them, I may spend the $700 bucks annually for parking at work and start clogging up the roads and pumping
    hydrocarbons into the air again. I really, really hope this project is dropped.


    Jay Sekora
  • PS — What I hope is that this is a ploy on the part of the MBTA to put pressure on the legislature to properly fund the T, and not pass the Big Dig’s cost overruns along to the T.
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