View all friendslocked posts (paid members only).

View all friendslocked posts (paid members only).

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This will show you all my friendslocked posts: http://darxus.livejournal.com/security/friends

You can replace "friends" with public, private, or group:groupname.

  • that's awesome. I'd been wondering how to do that.
    • The feature was just added.
      • It doesn't seem useful for other people's posts by groupname, because groupnames are private -- unless people feel like sharing the name of a group. I suppose if I made a friends-locked post for each group saying "you're in group: MetroBoston. You can view the posts at ...security/group:MetroBoston

        I suppose I wouldn't mind doing that for some of my groups. Still. eek. I'd probably want to rename some of them first.

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