My last moving violation was in 1996.

My last moving violation was in 1996.

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December 18th, 1996: 101 in a 65.

"You were clocked at a hundred and one by radar, you will be receiving a ticket."
<thinking> "My '88 Tempo can do 101mph?"
I think the speedometer went to 85mph. The car felt very floaty.
There was nobody on the PA Turnpike but me.
15 day suspension.
I had so much fun in that car.
  • He shouldn't have given you a ticket; he should have shaken your hand for the sheer amazingness of getting an '88 Tempo (stick or auto?) to get up to 101 mph. 'Cause damn. I drove a Tempo once.


    • Yeah. Stick. First car my mom bought new.
    • My '92(?) tempo had a 3L v6 and could easily peg the spedometer (that also only went to 85) and keep accelerating for a while. It was the first car that was primarily mine and I really didn't know what decent was (arguably I still don't).
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