[snake] Got Dorothy in my shirt pocket.

[snake] Got Dorothy in my shirt pocket.

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Three hours ago I figured out how to get Dorothy in my pocket (basically tail first). She did not seem to mind me doing laundry or lifting weights. Two hours ago I got in bed. Maybe 15 minutes ago I regained enough consciousness to remember she had been in my pocket. And noticed that she was in the process of crawling through my pocket (had crawled out of, back in, and then out of again).

She is so awesome.

I went to my first herp show yesterday. I managed to not buy any herps. This is unheard of. Dorothy is clearly just that awesome. The photos from the show are here: http://www.chaosreigns.com/gallery/index/200710.html

Snakes that blew my mind:
Snow boa.
Snow milk snake.
Pink / pink / white corn snake I can't identify.

I'm very happy with the full screen mode I added to my gallery. There is a link on every image page. In it you can still use p/a access keys (in firefox hold down shift-alt while hitting "p" or "a" for previous / next).
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