Why free apps can't be written for the iPhone.

Why free apps can't be written for the iPhone.

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"Developers could easily sell the applications on their own without Apple taking its cut (which is guesstimated to be about 2/3rds of the take)." - http://9to5mac.com/apple-adopts-sidekick-application-distribution-model-234545623

I'm clearly just not the target audience.

Thanks to [info]n_tropy for the link.
  • totally unrelated

    I just wanted to look up "immune" on www.m-w.com, the merriam webster dictionary. But by mistake i typed www.m-w.com into the google search box rather than the URL box. the *4th hit* was this:

    Darxus' Quotes
    servile: "of or befitting a slave or a menial position" - www.m-w.com ... flog: "to beat with or as if with a rod or whip" - www.m-w.com ...
    www.chaosreigns.com/quotes/?words=on - 13k - Cached - Similar pages

    • Re: totally unrelated

      Haha, sweet. BTW, I love my new phone, on wbich I was browsing the web when it told me you sent this.
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