unlimited internet access cellphone plans

unlimited internet access cellphone plans

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I went through and figured out the minimum monthly cost for minimal voice plus unlimited internet access (unlimited data, without tethering*) on a PDA phone for each of the four major providers (without tethering / laptop connection). It was kind of painful, so I'll share:

$29.99 voice (300 minutes)
$19.99 unlimited data: T-Mobile Internet for Smartphones

39.99 voice (200 minutes) Sprint Basic Plan
14.99 unlimited data: Sprint® Power VisionSM Access Pack

39.99 voice (450 minutes)
44.99 unlimited data: PDA Personal Max

$79.99 voice (450 minutes) + data: PDA/Smartphone America's Choice® Email
I wouldn't touch this for reasons other than pricing: "If more than 5 GB/line/month are used, we presume use is for non-permitted uses and reserve the right to terminate service immediately." - http://b2b.vzw.com/productsservices/wirelessinternet/broadbandaccessconnect.html
More importantly: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2006/07/verizon_unlimited.html

Tethering means using your phone for laptop internet access.
  • 59.99 AT&T iPhone is unlimited.
    • Thanks. That's cool. Now if they would add a keyboard and third party application support.
      • it has bluetooth, so a keyboard is possible. they will never add a physical keyboard.

      • Have you tried the iPhone keyboard for more then 10-15 minutes? It's quite good. Using it right now. 3rd party apps with new firmwares would be nice. Although I didn't really find a need to install any when I could have. Does what I need it to do.
        • No, that's about the amount of time I used it. And I definitely did like it for a software keyboard.

          My strong preference for a physical keyboard is based on talking to a number of people about their experiences with software vs. hardware keyboards, and seeing what my boss can do with his physical keyboard. He touchtypes fast, faster than I could imagine happening without something to feel.
  • I use AT&T/Cingular, and it’s even worse than that for me, because they charge more for tethering. But I get good coverage around the Boston area and I’m really dependent on it. It’s nice to be able to check LJ on the train.
    • Do you use tethering for more than your other handheld device? Could you get another device that could do all you need in one thing so you wouldn't need to pay for tethering anymore?
      • Do you use tethering for more than your other handheld device?
        At the moment, no, but (1) I want the flexibility to tether other devices (such as an EeePC, or something like Frankie, or a similar very small and lightweight laptop), and (2) in the past, I’ve tethered my work Apple laptop.
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