Bank suggestions?

Bank suggestions?

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I am tired of Wainwright bank's many and varied incompetencies. I believe there must be better.

I want four simple things:
  1. Good online bill payment.
  2. Checking with a debit card.
  3. A decent real credit card through them.
  4. Accessibility in the Cambridge / Somerville / Arlington area.
I would appreciate recommendations.
I don't have a real credit card and I want one. I'm open to non-bank suggestions.
  • how about TD Bank North?

    • 2nded. I've had them for 6+ years now (since they were American Savings Bank), and have had good luck.

      Their debit card is free to use in other banks ATMs, they refund you the other banks' fees at the end of the month.
  • David and I had...about as expected success with both Bank of America and Citizen's bank. Citizen's had more accessability with better hours/locations, Bank of America had slightly better customer service and less fees. (And we did only online banking with BoA, I think we set foot in one once, to sign the signature card after opening it online.) Both had all the things you are looking for.

    Perhaps look around for a credit union? David and I part of one here in Colorado and we love it, much fewer fees and crap than regular banks and better interest rates on most accounts. From what I hear most credit unions are relaxing their membership requirements, so it's getting easier to find one to join.
    • Citizen just helped me save the last 18 months of our records so while I've had problems with them before I'm happy with them right now.
  • credit unions rule

    Go with a credit union. They rule. I gave up on banks decades ago. Credit unions do all the same stuff but they're nonprofit and member-owned like coops.

    I joined Digital Credit Union way back when I was a DEC employee and it was the DEC employees' credit union. Now that DEC is gone, DCU is still going strong and better than ever. All my electronic billing, credit card, checks, etc. go through them. www.dcu.org
  • Oh, and as for credit cards, a couple of things tips I've picked up:

    -Chase credit cards like to assrape you more than other credit card companies.
    -One thing that looks good on a credit report is how much available credit you have (and the recommended number is to never exceed 30% of your available credit). Some credit card companies only report your balance to credit reporting agencies, and not your actual limit, and that can make it look as if you don't have any available credit. American Express and Capital One are both bad about reporting limits this way.
    -cardratings.com is a good site for "credit card shopping"
  • You do not really want a credit card through the bank your checking is with. The things that make a good credit bank are pretty much completely opposed to the things that make a good regular bank.

    I do not have good suggestions for either, though, as I am pretty dissatisfied with my banks lately.
  • I've used Sovereign Bank for years.
    1. I've been doing online bill pay for several months with no complaints.
    2. The ATM card has VISA logo so I assume it is usable as a debit card, though I have never done so.
    3. I think they have sent me credit card offers in the past. But I've never taken them up on it so you might want to double check check on that.
    4. Sovereign branches are everywhere in the greater Boston area.
  • Personally I love Eastern Bank. They're a midsized Banking company that I've found to be a good blend of big bank amenities and conveniences with small bank personalized service and attention. I would check their site to see if they have branches convenient to you.

    And I swear I was going to reccommend them to you even before I found out about the ipod promo they're running. If I refer you and you sign up, we both get ipods. But no pressure, really. *wink*
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