[snake] More Dorothy Photos

[snake] More Dorothy Photos

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Dorothy tongue

I decided to take a nap with Dorothy. I picked her up with one hand and held her against my neck. She curled up and seemed happy. I stuffed a towel under the bedroom door and crawled in bed with her still in that position. For a while.

I rolled over onto my back and put her on my belly with my hands folded over her. She remained curled up with her head poking out as usual.

A while later she decided to go wander off (I figure she got too warm). I let her. It was very odd to fall asleep without knowing her exact location, and I expected to be looking for her for a while when I woke up.

A while later I gained enough consciousness to remember she was wondering around somewhere, and noticed she was right where I last saw her, snuggled into the duvet cover.

I decided to put her back in her cage before continuing my nap. She wasn't interested, so I let her crawl around her cage and then go exploring. Which is how she ended up on the water bottle on the other side of the living room, where she stayed for over an hour staring at a crack, hoping for food. This is also where I took the closeup shot, which is actually a 100% crop since I don't have a lens that will do that yet.

That was the first time I ever saw her staying still out of her cage and my grasp, so it was very odd. And cool. She's been much cuddlier lately.
  • Those are some nifty pictures, especially the two of her balancing almost like a see-saw on the water bottle! I wonder if/how the chemistry of snake’s muscles (or digestion) differs from ours; it doesn’t seem to me like they eat enough to perform the extended feats of strength that they do.
    • My guess is that they just spend a very large percentage of their time not moving. And, well, their digestion process is very thorough. Did I mention their urine is dry chalky pellets? And they completely digest bones.
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