[bike/car] Spoiled.

[bike/car] Spoiled.

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I just test drove a 1997 BMW M3 (E36), a car that is well known to be awesome all over the place.

It was great fun.

Compared to my Blackbird, its power to weight ratio feels pitiful.

Anybody know anybody selling an E46 (2001+) M3 in black or dark blue with a manual transmission?

Yup, the Blackbird has 4.4x the power to weight ratio of the E36 M3.

E36 M3: 240hp 3170lbs = 0.0757 hp/lb
Blackbird: 164hp 494lbs = 0.3319 hp/lb

"Now you know why I just drive a van." - motorcycle racing coworker
  • Test-drive an STi.

    Great fun; granted, not as much fun as your bike (or my bike, even, for that matter) but AWD, a bear in the snow, and has, you know, heat, and doors, and stuff...

    And just a touch less than that M3'll set you back.

    • I am actively aware of all these things :)

      But thanks for reminding me that I owe it to myself to try driving one.

      I'm thinking that the people who have told me that anything over 500hp is unpleasant to drive on the street have probably not regularly commuted on a Blackbird.

      Good thing there are unnatural aspiration options.
  • Be sure to get the BMW repair kit when you take title to the vehicle.

    1 (one) wheelbarrow
    1 (one) wheelbarrow-load of cash
  • Minor math error or typo there - the car is 0.0757 hp/lb, not 0.757 :)
    • Right, that's what I get for not copying and pasting. Thanks. Damn.
  • audi r/s-6 450 hp stock, awd, station wagon :)

    teh funz. i'd like to try one for a season :>

  • But the 4.4x turns into 3.3x when you include the weight of the driver. It drops to 2.8x when you add a passenger. But still 3x p/w of a sports car has to be fun to play with.
    • Yeah I considered recalculating it with my weight, but then didn't bother. Thanks for doing it for me.

      Yes, it's fun. I'm glad it's still legal.

      "I rode one of those once. Scared the shit out of me."
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