[photo] Latest Pro ISOs

[photo] Latest Pro ISOs

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Canon 1DmkIII: ISO 6,400
Nikon 3D: ISO 25,600

That's right, at the top of the line, Nikon is two ISO stops ahead of Canon.
  • On one hand, Nikon was just tired of getting their ass kicked.

    OTOH, I'd like to see sensor tests before going "ooooh, shiny."
    • Oh I don't expect it to be any better than, say, an ISO 6400 image underexposed by two stops then increased by two stops in post processing, but it has bugged me forever that I don't get the option to do it this easy way.

      And yeah, I'd really rather see MTFs for each ISO instead of just arbitrary numbers which have no obligation to relate to the real world.
      • the new nikon appears to be a full frame sensor. finally. even at $5k for the body. mmmm. http://www.dpreview.com/previews/nikond3/

        the 1DmkIII is $8500 but not full frame...

        the 1DsmkIII is $8000 and definitely full frame. they don't say it'll do 6400 even, but with the right glass, well, it's going to see into black holes anyway.

        from pictures i've seen, you almost don't NEED iso 6400 unless you're say, shooting non moving objects at midnite, but use super fast glass, and a tripod (even with IS) and well, shrug.

        i have to hit the gym, but i'll look at the reviews in a bit...

        the 5D is a good camera... the 5DmkII should be very good at around $3000-3500 next spring :)

  • And what are the latest pro pricetags?

    And how many years might we expect to see such technologies trickle down to affordable consumer models?
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