[geek] Anybody want a 1u?

[geek] Anybody want a 1u?

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I'm finally pulling Serenity (full specs) offline. You would probably have to pick it up at my office in Southeast Cambridge.
Linode.com has been serving me very well for seven months, most of which Serenity has been completely unused.
(No, I didn't know anything about Firefly when I named it.)
  • How much do you want for it? I'm interested.
    • I don't think I need anything for it. It may have a slightly flaky SCSI controller. It also has an IDE controller that has never been used.

      It crashed a couple times in previous years, but I think that was a kernel thing.

      # ud -d
      - Uptime for serenity.chaosreigns.com -
      Now : 109 day(s), 16:26:31 running Linux 2.4.28
      One : 404 day(s), 00:21:08 running Linux 2.4.28, ended Sun Jun 18 17:53:46 2006

      And this shows up in the logs occasionally: http://www.chaosreigns.com/tmp/cmd.aborted.txt
    • Yeah, the previous kernel crashed about every 6 months.

      And it looks like those log entries are all on the same drive.
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