[bike] Of Speed and Limits

[bike] Of Speed and Limits

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I have continued to obey speed limits, for the most part. I have found that no-longer pointlessly feeling rushed every time I go somewhere, especially commuting, has been wonderfully relaxing. There aren't nearly as many people in my way.

This morning I was riding to work, from [info]cathijosephine's. I was merging onto 93N, just before going underground. It was a long ramp. I was moving a decent pace. The lanes were going to merge. I looked to my left, and thought...

Oh, that car is already pulling ahead. I'll wait for the next opening.

Wait a minute. I'm riding a fucking Blackbird.

Clicked the shifter down a notch, tucked in a bit to keep the front wheel down, whacked the throttle open, and everything goes away.
  • 164 hp.
    That's almost twice as much horsepower as my car.
  • oh dammit, now you have me considering buying a bike again.

    It doesn't help that last night I was dreaming about driving a very fast car. Now that you mention it, fuck the car, gimme the bike.

    Of course, I do have a powerful ability to resist impulse purchases. Her name is Kathryn and we're married. :P

  • I haven't checked snopes or anything, but the legend goes that onramps don't have speed limits.
  • GP races can go 0-60-0 in 4 seconds. 0-60 in 2.1. that might not be speeding, but they've got a law about acceleration too ;)

    that said, you can easily stay within the speed limits, and WOT your bike all you like, imho. course, people might get flustered when you hit the upper speed and stop suddenly.

    when i was doing more break-in miles yesterday, i was 10+ over the limit while winding the revs around, and someone was tailgating me something fierce. i sped up, they did to. i slowed down, they did too. so i stayed at the speed limit, and they ever so gradually kept trying to get so close they could read my wearbars. not so nice. they went away before i was about to pull over.

    have you dealt with tailgates a lot with your new program?

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