[photo] Space Station and Shuttle

[photo] Space Station and Shuttle

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They were separated and orbiting together. Shot with a 50mm lens, 13 second exposures.

Thanks to [info]golux_org for the info that made it possible for me to take these.
Relevant info can be found on http://www.heavens-above.com/
  • Nice. I've never been able to see them, though I know that you can with the naked eye at certain times...
  • spiffy.

    you can aquire a program that tells you the orbitals of various sats and sky things if you are into this regularly.

    also, canon 40D and 1DsIII announced for reals. interesting stuff.

    looks like the 5DII isn't for a while. that's okay. new bike.

    • Thanks. Yeah, thanks for reminding me to post the link to a relevant website.

      Yes, I'm aware of the announcements and continuing to plan to get the 40d. And baffled by how overdue the 5DII is.
  • I had no idea you could see the Space Station or Shuttle without use of some serious magnification.
    (Now I feel dumb for making fun of a commercial where some guy pointed to a satellite in the sky and said something like, "That's where my TV comes from." My reaction always was, "You can't see satellites with the naked eye!")
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