[snake] Dorothy's second shed.

[snake] Dorothy's second shed.

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This is her first shed since I got her. It was hard not even seeing her for a week.

This morning I was awakened early by [info]cathijosephine saying that Dorothy was out of her hide and wandering around her cage (for the first time in a week). And that her shed was perfect. And then she walked over with Dorothy in her hands.

They are both awesome.

Shed is 23", and in one piece, including eye caps.
She is 81 grams.

I held her for half an hour, including the first two of those photos, and weighing her. She hissed at me when I took her stick away. It's a few times her size, but she was determined to bring it with her. A couple tense moments, but no biting this time. I think one of the more important tricks is to move and pick her up deliberately. Hesitation is no good.
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