Real Milk run

Real Milk run

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I'm planning to pick up some Raw, Certified Organic, milk from grass fed cows. It's $6 per gallon. Would you like me to grab some for you? You would need to pick it up at my place in Arlington.

I'm hoping to do this sometime during the coming two weekends.

I hope to eventually share the task of the pickups with everyone interested in having real milk. On a weekly basis.

I had some of this when I was in India, and on the plane back (along with everybody who had milk with their coffee). It really puts processed milk to shame.

I'm planning to pick it up from these guys, just because they're the first of the two MA certified organic farms that responded:
Chase Hill Farm
74 Chase Hill Road
Warwick, MA 01378
(978) 544-6327

Google says 3.5 hours round trip from Arlington.

The most useful page I've found on the subject is: http://www.realmilk.com/where3.html#ma
  • God, that sounds good. It's not a habit I think is all that safe for me health, but this one time could I order three gallons? I'd like to gift out a couple of them.
    • I don't expect three to be a problem.
    • It just occurred to me that I failed to include the bit about you picking it up at my place in Arlington (near the Stop & Shop, Mass. Ave., and 77 bus line).
      • Not a problem. I'd already presumed that much. Can I presume a day or two lead time on when the run will actually take place so I can be sure to schedule Arlington into my routine?
  • Huh, neat. According to that site, there are two fairly close to me. One has a web site with an address, and Google says it's half an hour away. I just might have to check that out.
  • Eep! Sorry, I meant to reply to this. I’d love to have a gallon, to see how I like it, and if I like it a lot, I might end up wanting a gallon every three weeks or so. Thanks for posting this!
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